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We believe that our foundations are the people that make up the NVE family, so our goal is to keep on growing and innovating by remaining a family company with a close relationship with the client, thus reinforcing the market' recognition and trust.


Founded in 1993 in Guimarães, NVE is a service provider in the civil construction and public works sector. Its core business is the execution of public and private projects in the industrial, residential, commercial and services, and sports and leisure sectors, whether they are built from scratch or they are rehabilitation or conservation work. In addition, the company is dedicated to the execution of engineering studies and projects, as well as the provision of monitoring and inspection services for works.

It operates throughout the national territory and  has as its main clients, public entities - Ministries, Municipalities, Universities, Public Institutes and Town Councils - and private individuals - industrial and commercial and services companies, housing cooperatives, real estate developers, and private clients for their own housing.

The great competitive advantage of the company is to offer a complete service, from the project design phase, to its execution and inspection. This multifaceted intervention allows the company to differentiate itself from its competitors acting in the same market and, at the same time, to create synergies among its different activities.



  • NVE was founded on 23th July 1993

    It was in 1993 that NVE Engenharias, Lda was founded by its two managing partners, José Maria Oliveira Nogueira and José Vitorino Domingos Silva both graduated in Civil Engineering, conceiving, as their main strategy, the bet in the execution of engineering studies and projects, taking into account two duly substantiated assumptions: the low supply of the market, at the time of the foundation, and its vast and varied experience in the sector.

  • Diversification of NVE, Construction of Public and Private works

    A few years later, in the mid-nineties, NVE decides to widen their scope of activity, iniciating the investment in the public and private construction sectors. Thus, in June 1997, the company obtained the Public Works contractors' permit (26255 - EOP - Class 4).

  • Constant growth in areas and works

    As a result of a good knowledge of the market and the strength it had acquired, in addition to the increase in the value of public works, NVE works in private works of luxury single-family homes and in housing cooperatives, in the Oporto Metropolitan area and in the Municipality of Guimarães, although never neglecting its initial bet, keeping the project department very active.

  • Commitment to Rehabilitation

    In line with the needs of the market, NVE made its debut in rehabilitatio in a building meant for commercial services and housing in the centre of the city of Guimarães. It initiated the practice of rehabilitation of buildings in a historical centre considered to be world heritage by UNESCO.

  • Quality Certification

    It's in recognition of the rigor and quality of services provided, as well as the focus on costumer satisfaction that, from 23 March 2005, NVE is certified under the NP EN ISSO 9001 norm  for the activities of "Civil Construction, Public Works and Engineering Projects".

  • SME Leader

    In October 2008, NVE obtains the status of a leading SME, which unequivocally reflects not only its good practices but also its positioning on the risk profile of the various bank entitites.

  • NVE Engenharias, S.A.

    Accompanying the capital share increase, in 2009 the company changed its legal form, and became NVE Engenharias, S.A.

  • NVE acquires the status of SME Excellence

    In 2010, on 14th December, it obtained the status of SME Excellence for the first time, which distinguishes NVE as a company that presents financial strength, high competitive standards, bets on innovative strategies and active contributions in the dynamics of development and employment.

  • NVE is certified in safety, environment and social responsibility

    In 2011, NVE integrated its Quality Management Systems (NP SO 90001), Occupation Safety and Health (OSHAS 18001), Environment 8NP EN ISSO 14001) and Social Responsibility (NP 4469-1) becoming one of the first constructions companies in Braga district and the first in the Municipality of Guimaães to obtain these certifications in an integrated model which allowed to ensure a high level of performance in several activities and in particular in the increasing satisfaction of all the interested parties.

  • 20 years, 20 houses

    Year of commemoration of NVE's 20th anniversary. A milestone, represented by experience, knowledge, recognition and growth over the years. In this regard, the publication "20 anos 20 casas" was released. This portfolio compiles a series of the 20 most emblematic houses executed by NVE during these 20 years.

  • Territorial expansion, Lisboa area

    The year of 2015 was marked by the expansion to the South zone, more specifically to the heart of Lisbon. The project that introduced the southern terrain was Edifício Miguel Lupi, a luxury rehabilitation that kept the constructive characteristics of the era intact, both on the exterior façades as in the interior, and was subjected to occasional changes that hardly affected it. The building's safety conditions were improved, through the restoration of the degraded areas and the structural reinforcement of the pavements and exterior walls, in a privileged location overlooking the Tagus river. This work would later become NVE's "business card" in Lisbon.

  • NVE recognized with the referential R.U-.I.S.

    Recognized by AICCOPN with the referential R.U.I.S. (Intelligent and Sustainable Urban Rehabilitation) in what has been one of NVE's bets over the years. The experience acquired and the application of innovative knowledge and techniques make NVE one of the most qualified companies in this kind of interventions.

  • Inauguration of the Central Shipyard

    In the year of commemoration of the 25th anniversary, NVE inaugurates its new Central Shipyard, a space with 8500 square metres with 2000 square metres of covered area. A completely thought-out building designed to optimize the work based on a Lean philosophy that intends to put NVE at the forefront with regard to organization and work methods.
    Applying our know-how and experience in engineering and construction to serve the interests of the client.


Applying our know-how and experience in engineering and construction to serve the interests of the client.


Continuing to grow and innovate, remaining a family-oriented company with a close relationship with the costumer, and enhancing the recognition and trust of the market.


We believe that our foundations are the people who make up the NVE family, so it is important to foster team spirit, synergies, mutual support and commitment to people's development.

Sistema de Gestão

NVE has a management system certified by APCER which represents the recognition of its commitment to continuously improve its management processes, as fundamental elements in service of productivity and competitiveness of the company.

Certified in Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility,  NVE bases its commitments according to the guidelines in our Management Policy.


NVE, through its work, has achieved a position of excellence in the market that it intends to maintain and improve.
Certified in Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility, NVE bases its commitments according to guidelines.

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