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Management Policy

Through its work, NVE achieved a position of excellence in the market which intends to maintain and improve.

Certified in Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility, NVE bases its commitments according to the following guidelines:

  • Meeting the needs and expectations of the clients, employees and other concerned parties, assuming the commitment to comply with legal requirements and other applicable requirements;
  • Continuously improving the Management System of Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility;
  • Consolidating the volume of business and ensuring the sustainability of the organization and optimization of resources
  • Investing in upgrading infrastructures, facilities and technical skills of human resources
  • Minimizing occupational risks by providing information, training and adequate supervision, aiming to prevent injuries and diseases related to construction activity;
  • Reducing the consumption of natural resources and waste production with the purpose of protecting the environment and minimizing pollution and adverse impacts on the environment
  • Respecting the principles of Social Responsibility, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, fighting against corruption and eradication of all discriminatory and exploitative practices;
  • Complying with legislation and other compliance obligations.

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