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Rua Garcia de Orta

The Look

Foz do Douro, 1052

The building has a very peculiar plant, adapted to the volumes that constitute it with a harmonious distribution of space, being developed into three floors. On the ground floor there is a set of areas associated with leisure, such as a gym and a games room. In the working area, there is an office and, in the private area, a bedroom and a suite. As part of the first floor there are two suites and social areas like the living room, dining room and kitchen. The last two extend, through its glazed windows, to a peaceful garden, which has as its central element a pool of minimalist lines. On the second floor there is a suite with views of the Douro River.

Architecture José Carlos Cruz
Structures José Manuel Ruivo Pimentel
Hydraulic José Manuel Ruivo Pimentel
Electricity Rui Liberato
ITED Rui Liberato
AVAC João Duarte Teixeira Pinto

The Place

This property is located in one of the main streets of Foz Velha, in Porto. The work is characterized by a rehabilitation, following a fire that partially destroyed the dwelling. With a privileged location, close to the S. João Fortress and “contemplating” the meeting point between the Douro and the Atlantic, this building maintains the original trait and characteristics very close to those registered before the need for this new rehabilitation, with small notes on the architectural level to make the spaces more to the liking of their owners.

Foz do Douro, 1052

The Work

In this project, the NVE carried out the demolition and partial construction of the interior of the house, with the help of new construction techniques. Due to its architecture, we highlight the application of moldings in plaster with the creation of molds specific for application in crown molding and walls. In the case of door and skirting trimmings, specific mills have also been made to create the desired effect. Regarding the floors, we have three types of materials used: hydraulic mosaic, wood and carpet.




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