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The Look

Praça Parada de Leitão

There are stories that are told with one’s eyes on the past, living the present. The building, dating from 1860, possesses a beautiful neoclassical façade and an interesting set of interior decorative elements. The façades were restored according to its original image, given the respect for the existing formal and architectural treasures, transforming the building for a new function.

Architecture Cláudia Patrícia Pires Machado
Structures José Paulo Tavares Coimbra
Thermic Raul Leandro Gomes da Silva
Acoustic Pedro Nuno Vicente Teixeira
Hydraulic Pedro Nuno Vicente Teixeira
Gas Pedro Nuno Vicente Teixeira
Electricity César Augusto da Silva Dias
ITED César Augusto da Silva Dias
AVAC António Jorge Monteiro Toledo de Azevedo

The Place

Due to its architectural nature, the building is on the Letter of Architectural Values of the city of Porto and is considered a property of public interest. The corner built building  is located in the transition area between the city’s medieval intramurals and the expansion that was developed across the connection that began at Porta do Olival, at Muralha Fernandina.

The Work

The wooden structure of the skylight was restored, as well as parts of the pavement, interior walls, doors and glasses, preserving the original geometry of the building. The rehabilitation of the building gave place to two distinct catering and bar establishments - one occupying the basement and the ground floor, and the other, of bigger dimensions, occupying the 1st and 2nd floors.





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