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Edifício Arco Augusta

The Look

Rua dos Fanqueiros, 112

The building from the late 18th and early 19th century is part of the front of Rua dos Franqueiros, in Lisbon, and consists of a typical Pombaline architecture. As a result of this historical value, it is registered in the Real Estate List of Municipal Interest and other Cultural Property Real Estate Regulations of the Municipal Master Plan (PDM). At the time of the intervention, the building was completely vacant, showing clear signs of degradation. Not only were there not many of its interior spans, but also all tile coverings, both in lambrins and in the full wall coverings of kitchens were missing. In the 50s and 60s of the 20th century, it has undergone alterations in its interior, especially on the overlap floor and on the 1st floor. The building was previously occupied, on ground zero by a shop and on the overlap and 1st floors with organizing and office spaces of said store. The remaining floors were occupied by dwellings.

Architecture João Santa-Rita
Structures Luis Gião Marques
Hydraulic Guilherme Pinto
Gas Fernando Henrique de Sousa Macário
Electricity Fernando Henrique de Sousa Macário
ITED José Dias Rodrigues
AVAC Rui Silva

The Place

It was sought that the recovery/alteration would take into account the maximum of the aspects and characteristics of the existing building, having been the fundamental point in adapting and creating the new adaptation, always taking into account both the support and the spatial structures, very concretely in the nature of the various spaces and compartments. It should be noted that from the point of view of the restoration of the building, only aspects such as the reconstruction of the whole roof and the new stairs that access the apartment on the 5th floor are pointed out.

The Work

The work of Fanqueiros is a typical work of restoration of buildings of Baixa Pombalina. It was initially characterized, in a first phase, by a somewhat delayed period of demolitions  due to the necessary care in these works, allied to a reduced surrounding working area. Subsequently, we entered a second phase of structural reinforcement of iron and wood. With the reinforcement already advanced, we entered the wooden floors and then in the partitions of plasterboard. Special installations of electricity and HVAC, exterior spans, pavements and finally finishing works of carpentry and painting were also executed.




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