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Praça dos Restauradores, 72

The Look

Rua Miguel Lupi, 22

This building consists of a total of 5 floors, four above ground and one partially buried on the side of Miguel Lupi Street.

It was sought to reapply or to take advantage of constructive methods that respected and adapted to the original methods, preserving the majority of the structural walls made of massive brick.

Architecture Miguel Passos de Almeida | Carlos Sousa Coelho
Landscape Architecture Filipa Cardoso de Menezes | Catarina Assis Pacheco
Structures Maria do Carmo Baptista Vieira | José Pedro Ferreira Venâncio
Hydraulic Pedro Artur Martins Durão | Andreia Gabriel Cardoso
Gas João Duarte Teixeira Pinto
Electricity Rui Liberato
ITED Rui Liberato
AVAC João Duarte Teixeira Pinto

The Place

In this dwelling, the diversity in the design of the spans of each floor stands out, always different but maintaining the coherence of the ensemble and attribute originality to the façade. This dynamic and diversity, characteristic elements of the era in which it was built, define well the care in the initial design, reinforced by good detailing.

The house had all its façades free, one abode per floor that occupied the totality of the 276m2 of implementation, and a very rational organization of the interior spaces. These were some of the most important conditionings in the definition of the intervention to be performed.

The Work

NVE’s work consisted in the rehabilitation and expansion of this historical building in the historical center of Baixa Pombalina, aiming not only to improve the building’s security conditions (through the restoration of degraded areas and the structural reinforcement of exterior walls and floors), but also in an internal reformulation in the organization of the dwellings, aiming for the creation of two distinct areas: one of social character and another, more private, of rooms and new sanitary facilities. The NVE also extended an additional floor for housing, which occupies the roof truss. In total, it consists of the construction of 6 luxury apartments, with useful areas over 200m2, in a privileged location and overlooking the Tagus River, in the heart of Lisbon.




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