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Rua de Santana, 16

The Look

Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, 232

Architecture is the way to give people a pretext for connecting to buildings. The stories of the buildings are like fairytales and this one, which we present here, surely brings the impressive grandeur of a space located in the most symbolic area of the city of Porto, where  the needs of the inhabitants of the town, travelers and outsiders were formerly answered. The origin of the building dates back to the 19th century and introduces architectural features that reflect the time and place where it is inserted. The building functioned as a single-family housing, with a commercial area on the ground floor and a backyard. Belonging to the parish of Sé and São Nicolau, the building consisted of 5 floors plus a recessed one above the quota of the sill, with typical façade, granite masonry, ironwork and wooden window frames.

Architecture Diogo Brito | Francisco Lencastre | Rodrigo Vilas-Boas
Structures José Manuel Ruivo Pimentel
Hydraulic José Manuel Ruivo Pimentel
Electricity Sousa Marques
ITED Sousa Marques
AVAC Hélder Filipe Duarte Ferreira

The Place

The block where this building is located, at Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, nº230 and 232 in Porto, is currently a
reference in the urban housing of the city, where remarkable rehabilitations were dynamized. The ensemble, as a whole, has a great architectural value because it represents the characteristic structure of Porto. The project aims at total rehabilitation of the interior of the plot, thus participating in the rehabilitation not only of the block, but also of the evolution of the city and the people who live in it.

The Work

The main objective of the proposal was to re-qualify the building, making it attractive from several points of view. A way to introduce a modern “formula” of intervention and design, capable of endowing the building with valences attractive to the city and to those who invest in it. The project has transformed the horizontal property of the building into a housing function, distributing various types of 1 and 1+1 bedroom apartments throughout its area, keeping as much as possible the existing materials and structures, recovering and reinforcing them, to keep the trait of the building. Secondly, new elements were introduced that were able to satisfy and adapt the building to the contemporary needs of housing, with the existence of an elevator that would make vertical mechanical communication between floors. The preexisting fractions will therefore be adapted to independent fractions of housing, with a single common vertical access. At the ground floor level, in front of Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, a unique commercial property with a glazed window and other typical details was proposed.




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